i can show you the worst

Hi, it’s me, Aladdin. Wow, 2020. What a year. So many heads left to sever before our work has begun.

If you’re new to my heart, you should know that I love old supernatural horror tales, plastic bags full of plastic bags, Big Joel, my girlfriend, comic books, summer camp, tentacles, my rose garden, civil disobedience, metaphor, Quakers, mall goths, social workers, the public domain, heroic quests, Rupert Bear, Jungian archetypes, my friend Peter, Gak, bats, harvest festivals, dinosaurs, John Mulaney, crystals, every dog, and long walks on the beach.

For money, I produce and publish esoteric art & literature, and I color comic books for popular musicians, including the Grateful Dead, Poppy, Dance Gavin Dance, Skillet, and Yungblud.

Life is delicious. The end of all things looms.