Proto American Eldritch

American Eldritch was an idea I had not long out of college, while trying to figure out how to keep making cool stuff with friends in the absence of an environment that encourages it. The original plan for a regular magazine did not take off, because it’s hard enough just to be alive sometimes. A second issue is an ongoing project nonetheless.

Some highlights of this issue include D. Edward Calhoun’s Memory, based on the artist’s memory of the HP Lovecraft story, Memory, and a few selections from Jackson Wingate’s No Yorker cartoons, a complete selection of which can be found here.

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Europe, a Prophecy


I’ve been interested in William Blake for a long time (ever since that nun referred to him as a “dangerous thinker”), but only recently have I really delved into what makes Blake such a powerhouse of revolutionary art. He was a prophet of the Weird, and beholden to no one; he wrote, illustrated and printed all his own work by hand. What a neat guy. He died in relative obscurity, but thanks to the curiosity of William Butler Yeats, he achieved fame posthumously, and is now recognized as one of the most influential Brits to walk upon Albion’s rocky shores.

From the description I wrote for Amazon: “This volume of premium cosmic horror contains a high-quality facsimile edition of William Blake’s original handwritten masterpiece, an introduction by Aladdin Collar, a plain-text companion of the poems, and a diagrammatic interpretation of Blake’s unique pantheon of gods.” (X)


American Eldritch, a Journal of Weird Art and Literature

American Eldritch 01 Cover Wrap

On July 4th, 2015, The American Eldritch Society for the Preservation of Hearsay and Rumor launched the first issue of their ongoing journal, American Eldritch, in which artists and writers of the past and present mingle between pages of mystery, horror, humor and intrigue.


I edited and published the volume, in addition to designing it. Also, I am five of the of the 18 purported contributors. You can buy it here, if you’re into that sort of thing.