Europe, a Prophecy


I’ve been interested in William Blake for a long time (ever since that nun referred to him as a “dangerous thinker”), but only recently have I really delved into what makes Blake such a powerhouse of revolutionary art. He was a prophet of the Weird, and beholden to no one; he wrote, illustrated and printed all his own work by hand. What a neat guy. He died in relative obscurity, but thanks to the curiosity of William Butler Yeats, he achieved fame posthumously, and is now recognized as one of the¬†most influential¬†Brits to walk upon Albion’s rocky shores.

From the description I wrote for Amazon: “This volume of premium cosmic horror contains a high-quality facsimile edition of William Blake’s original handwritten masterpiece, an introduction by Aladdin Collar, a plain-text companion of the poems, and a diagrammatic interpretation of Blake’s unique pantheon of gods.” (X)